The projects that Sami Makarem Foundation aspires to achieve are:

The Cultural Center
The Cultural Center aims at cultivating and stimulating appreciation for various forms of arts and talents, while preserving the heritage and contributing to the fostering of a culture of creativity, love for knowledge, virtue, and beauty.

The Sheikh Nassib Makarem Museum
The museum will exhibit an exquisite collection of unique artwork and masterpieces created by Sheikh Nassib Makarem .

The Sami Makarem Hall of Creative Calligraphy
The Exhibition features a grand collection of the late Sami Makarem s creative artwork .

The Digital Library
The Digital library strives to make available numerous digital references, studies, books, and audiovisual digital materials in a variety of fields and languages to the friends of the Sami Makarem Foundation.

The Research and Studies Center
The center aspires to become one of the leading research centers and convention venues contributing to the intellectual, literary, and scientific development at various levels. This will be
accomplished through:
- Organizing and hosting events and conferences to promote research and intellectual functions.
- Collaborating with Local and International scholarly foundations.
- Being a source of references to preserve strong historical as well as contemporary heritage and identity for generations to come.

The Conference Hall
The Hall is dedicated to Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, Lectures and various activities.

The Youth Club
It allows its adherents, youngsters and children, to identify their mental and physical abilities and to improve, develop and train them. The club organizes activities in arts, music, reading, writing stories, creative works, audio-visual education and various physical and mental exercises.

The Library for Cultural Heritage
The Library for Cultural Heritage is dedicated to learning and development for the promotion of research, studies, and publications in various fields of Humanities.
The library invites visitors and researchers to access references and resources in all walks of knowledge; be it literature, sciences, arts, humanities, religion or Gnosticism/Mysticism (Irfani). The late Sami Makarem’s collection of books represents the core of the library collection.

Cultural Center


Digital Library


Art Calligraphy


Research Center


Youth Club